The scenario before the glitz and glamour

Enchanting! The one word that pops up in my head when I see the beautiful Indian bride, sigh…. so magical and mesmerizing in the dazzling traditional dream ensemble, the gorgeous sashaying gulabi lehenga and wispy modest ghunghta!

It’s normal for every ‘bride to be’ and her posse of girls to get the jitters over THE wedding look! The outfit, shoes/sandals, jewelry, accessories, hair, make up, all of it. But first, the wedding outfit! Of primary concern because it takes the longest, in terms of time, choice of fabric, design, embellishments, fit & color. Phew, so much to do! No fret, we at Gulabi Trunk , take care of these nitty gritty details to the T, with a finesse and clarity that will have you sighing happy relief!

The genius and skillful Divya and Akshita are the specialists, with a promise to deliver a class of unparalleled couture in the distinct exquisite box curated exclusively to bid away the flutter and tension, as one gulabi trunk is all you need to be happily married after!

Ladies, go right ahead and enjoy the buzz and fervor and the exciting wedding rustles but don’t forget to pamper, your lovely skin and hair, get your make up perfect, cause we will take care of the rest!

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